Friday, December 30, 2011

The Outer Banks, NC

Bodie Island Lighthouse
We spent a weekend in various locations along Outer Banks including: Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Manteo, Corolla, and Rodanthe.

One-legged bird on Jeanette's Pier
Nags Head, NC

It was so windy and the water was so rough it was coming up from the bottom on the huge pier. 

We went to the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills. It was very interesting to learn about flight and see where it all happened. The Wright Brothers were actually from Ohio and chose to move to Kitty Hawk, NC because it was the perfect location with wind and sand dunes to test their flights.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Wright Brothers' Memorial

Site of the Wright Brothers' first 4 flights

Preparing to hang glide outside the flight school
We decided to be adventurous and go hang gliding on the sand dunes at Jockey Ridge State Park. We took an hour flight lesson at hang gliding school before heading out to the sand dunes for the real thing. 

Receiving our final instructions prior to take off.

We have lift off
Sadly, it was so windy that day that the 2 instructors had to hold on to the glider as you took off to prevent you from flying off to France. We decided to take a "wind check" and come back another day to hang glide when the weather is just right.

Currituck Lighthouse