Thursday, June 20, 2013

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

If you are ever in southern New Mexico, you should stop by White Sands National Monument. We planned a trip when they held their bi-annual Full Moon Bike Ride. The sand dunes were practically glowing with the light from the full moon...we highly recommend it.
Chase's Sand Angel

We camped out nearby and returned the next day for a fun morning playing on the gypsum sand dunes.
The whole gang

Competition to see who could jump the farthest off the sand dunes

 As we headed back up towards Albuquerque, we stopped at a few vineyards as well as a pistachio farm before stopping in Riudoso, NM to camp.
World's Largest Pistachio

Enjoying our pistachio wine samples.

 Our chocolate bunny "Mr. Binks" didn't survive the hot southern New Mexico sun that weekend. So, we decided to pull over in Riudoso and have chocolate covered marshmallows with his remains

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